Sammy the Seal

“We tried another, let’s try each other”

In vinyl on Saturday, 18 June, 2011 at 17:40

Song: Belong
Artist: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Album: Belong

Orgasm here, get your free aural orgasm! I swear, I could listen to the first 25 seconds over and over and over. Love at first listen. I read of a Smashing Pumpkins comparison, which initially I shrugged off, before realizing this is like “Today”, except with a lot more pop and shimmer. Not to mention the shoegaze influence, what with the soft, wispy vocals buffeted by mammoth walls of guitar that blow up the song open big enough for everyone to crawl inside and have a good time. Sure, the quiet-loud-quiet dynamic is here too, but fortunately it never stays quiet for more than about seventeen seconds at a time. Great for killing your ears and/or blowing out your speakers, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The danger in starting off an album this awesomely is that the rest can’t possibly compare, and, while this is technically true, the rest is still solid, achieving similar moments of heavy-osity. Just don’t let the vocals fool you, as this is not a wimpy album. Hell, the second and third tracks follow up quite nicely in the same vein as the opener. If I had a convertible, this might very well be a top-down song, being summer and all.

Thank you to the band for cramming all this glorious fucking crunch into one criminally catchy song, and for drawing out the closing refrains of “we just don’t belong” as much as possible in the last minute for sing-along satisfaction– it makes for a great sense of closure. A lot of good music takes time and patience to reveal their riches to you– this is like a handjob on the first date, but with the surprise of a genuine, lasting relationship.


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