Sammy the Seal

“A life abandoned mid-stream”

In vinyl on Sunday, 12 June, 2011 at 19:16

Song: Savage Night at the Opera
Artist: Destroyer
Album: Kaputt

So, the listening booths at Easy Street finally worked their mojo on me. (Then again, having bought eight albums total yesterday, might’ve been a moot point– I was dying for new music.) I walked in not looking for it, but on a first sample listen, this and another song impressed me enough to go. It’s strange I’ve never gotten into Destroyer at all, as I liked most of Dan Bejar’s songs in The New Pornographers. They stood out as a bit odd but still catchy, plus I like his voice, even though it sounds a li’l funny (maybe that’s why I like it).

Smooth, bouncy, chill. Nice ba’s, da’s, dum’s, and bum’s, nice solo at 2:43. Gonna go great with my five-minute drive home tonight.

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