Sammy the Seal


In vinyl on Monday, 6 June, 2011 at 21:14

I had a couple more individual songs to put up, but it’s here in honor of the fact that I wasn’t feeling so hot these last couple days and so listened to the album a couple of times after work, and consequently felt a li’l better. Conscious decision, as, for the last four months, this has provided me respite, escape, and even comfort, on the occasions I need it. When I need some pep or oomph in my step, the bright, shiny, sweeping, muscular tracks early on are there, and when I need low-key, introspective, ambient, and understated, the last half supplies (except “Trance Out” which is a great, sudden burst of energy before the dénouement), though if I have the time, it’s most satisfying to listen to the whole thing and get both worlds. It’s a bit lazy and reductive to just compare it to the last two albums, but it’s a fine balance of the noise, fuzz, and brawn of Citrus, and the clean, spacious, crystalline beauty of Hush, with a healthy dose of synth for good measure. I could go into more detail, except I have previously, and it would take way too long, and also I like for others to formulate their own impressions rather than be led (i.e. hype). Give a listen if you got 48 minutes.

Artist/Album: Asobi Seksu/Fluorescence
1. Coming Up*
2. Trails
3. My Baby
4. Perfectly Crystal*
5. In My Head*
6. Leave the Drummer Out There
7. Sighs
8. Deep Weird Sleep*
9. Counterglow
10. Ocean
11. Trance Out*
12.  Pink Light
* “new”/previously un-posted

Listen to it with headphones or in a relatively quiet environment for best effect, though that’s how I suggest best getting acquainted with any album, though especially for something nuanced as this. The evening I bought it, even though I was driving with all the incidental noise obscuring much of the music, and not being able to focus because I took an alternate route home for kicks and got lost, my first impression was of something impenetrable and completely foreign (even though I loved the band), and I was even superficial and hasty enough to extremely prematurely (and ashamedly) lament, “I’m going to listen to this a few times out of respect, but I can’t see myself getting into this, I don’t like how it sounds.” Which, of course, is what happened the first time I heard Citrus. And now, like that orange album, there is maybe one song– used to be two, until I saw them open their shows with “Coming Up” — I consider skipping when playing it front-to-back, though I usually don’t. Duh…..


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