Sammy the Seal

“If I wait, could I ever forgive myself?”

In vinyl on Friday, 3 June, 2011 at 11:30

Song: Diplomat’s Son
Artist: Vampire Weekend
Album: Contra

I’m not a hater, rather, I ‘m puzzled, but I never (still don’t) understand the utter lovefest over these guys (same with Phoenix, by the way). I sincerely enjoy and appreciate some of what they do, but, to borrow the crude expression, man, are people all over their nuts. However, I did find them interesting enough to purchase their albums. Not the most ringing endorsement, but I guess different things speak to different people.

However, I do like this casual, low-key, yet jaunty tune. Six minutes is a good choice to let you relax into the song and pretend you’re on an island somewhere.


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