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Wait and listen

In experience, vinyl on Thursday, 19 May, 2011 at 0:28

It’s wonderfully surprising what happens when you let things be. Life, yes, but really, I’m talking about song shuffle. While at the grocery store tonight, I decided to let the songs play without skipping (well, just once), and hearing these varying styles of song up against each other reminded me how much I love music. There for five items, I got caught up in the tunes and what should have been out in ten minutes in the shop became about 25. With each one, I thought “ooh, I’ll post this next. Wait, this is good too.” And so, a list.

Touch You- Talib Kweli
Sound System- Operation Ivy
Hotel- Broken Social Scene
Kinder- Davíd Garza
Dance Yrself Clean- LCD Soundsystem
Race for the Prize- The Flaming Lips
Dreams- The Cranberries (listening to this while walking home from the grocery store on a cool night felt surprisingly dramatic, thank you drums and sudden jolts in tempo)
Anne- Santigold

Buenas noches.


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