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“I put a special recipe in the batter”

In celluloid, funny ha ha on Thursday, 19 May, 2011 at 21:29

These are some of the best outtakes I’ve ever seen. As funny as the finished skit itself, which is most definitely the equal of the Rick James skit, even though everyone references that one more. I still laugh ’til I hurt. This show was so genius, even the outtakes slayed (or slew, if you prefer). See the “Making the Band” outtakes for further proof. Thank you, kind poster, for this clip:

I can’t even pick the best moments, but here are the most notable:

“Charlie Murphy is the best dancer in the motherfuckin’ club right now.”

“‘Silence’… Shit, we don’t work for you, nigga.”

The “uh uh” sound/face in response to Donnell’s “they probably want to play with two balls.”

“Shoot the J, shoot the J!”
“Should I shoot it…?”
“Yeah, you’re goddamn right.”

“Let’s go crazy!” + hip shake (Side note: the reason they laugh after that is because Dave’s pass “hit the boy in his nuts”, as Charlie tells us.)

“Eddie, do you want some? Sorry about that.”

And of course, Charlie Murphy’s laughs. Major props to him for giving so many awesome takes with so much gusto. You can’t help but laugh with him.


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