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In music videos, vinyl on Wednesday, 18 May, 2011 at 18:33

Song: Radio Kaliningrad
Artist: Handsome Furs
Album: Face Control

The perfect album closer. The album ends not so much because the songs have run their cycle, but because this song explodes it so there’s nothing left. Let’s see what you got here:
– highly danceable
– highly rockin’
– highly addictive handclaps in between the verses
– feverishly passionate vocals (a Dan Boeckner staple), perfect for sing-along
– the “oh!” at 3:22
– possibly the most verve and fire I’ve ever heard crammed into five minutes (cliché and hyperbole aside, if this song doesn’t move you in at least one way, you may very well be dead)

The sequencing of the track actually makes the song better, somehow. I was so in love with the song that when I got my new iPod last year, I had “my home, it’s you” etched on the back. Furs album coming later this year, it appears. Please come soon so I can dance to this song live, pretty please? Also, I’m curious to see what two energetic, crazy people so deeply in love look like performing together. I’ve heard great things.

Dan Boeckner spazzes out when he performs live, though you can’t see it here. The camerawork on the video from Zagreb is shaky but I liked the energy and sound of it so I included it as well. Enjoy!

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