Sammy the Seal

“I had to run to catch you”

In vinyl on Monday, 16 May, 2011 at 22:37

Song: Silly Girl
Artist: Descendents
Album: Somery; originally on I Don’t Want to Grow Up

SST Records represent! Hadn’t heard this in ages, forgot how good this little SoCal punk gem from 1985 was. Somery is their best-of compilation, which is where I have the song, which I first knew of because an older, cooler sister had it. I probably actually listened to it then, as that was the time of the brief, but requisite punk phase. It wasn’t until I started amassing records that I got it for myself, likely because I remembered this song so well– being a lovelorn young pup then, I took to it instantly. Catchy, energetic, and “aww!” without being cloying. The lo-fi, raw sound really gives these songs an edge you rarely hear in the era of clean, over-polished, and overproduced. I miss that.

Thanks again, Monica!


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