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In music videos, vinyl on Friday, 13 May, 2011 at 11:20

Song: Celeste (live Donovan cover)
Artist: Asobi Seksu

Pardon the oppressive enthusiasm, but have I ever mentioned how fucking much I love Yuki Chikudate? (No, didn’t think so.) Well, I couldn’t resist posting this any longer. When I bought the new album, the record company included a download of a sampler, this was on there. So it’s album-less, you see. So glad though, I’d never known it existed! I know it’s not their song, but what a melody! I love that weird chuckle/stutter in her voice at 1:00 when she sings the word “crooked”– wonderful.

Of the three live videos I found, I thought this one sounded the best, plus the banter was better. Seeing these videos really makes me sad I didn’t catch their acoustic tour behind Rewolf early 2010. Of course, I wasn’t in love then, so nothing to be done. Grr, nonetheless. I thought an explanation from the uploading party might help explain the less-than-ideal camera work:

A cover of Donovan’s “Celeste” their brilliant acoustic performance at Cafe 939’s Red Room. Sorry for the Blair Witch camera work, but I didn’t know what the venue’s camera policy was, so I held the camera against my chest to conceal the light from the screen in the interest of being discreet.


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