Sammy the Seal

“Take me down”

In vinyl on Tuesday, 10 May, 2011 at 23:42

Song: Floataway
Artist: Davíd Garza
Album: The 4-Track Manifesto EP

“Floataway… ha-ha!” Great opening. “Floataway”, not to be confused with “Float Away”. This is the more spare, ambient version. I’m guessing this was a demo or early version. I’m not sure what it is about the percussion, it sounds a little lazy/not crisp, or unpolished, or slightly off, but I like it, it adds to the languid ambience and makes the song feel slightly amorphous, if that makes any sense. A little artsy-sounding, compared to the straight-ahead pop of the album version, but still good though– sometimes you want that melody, but not all that extra guitar and pep.

Normally when comparing versions of a song, I’d include both here, but I’d like to enjoy this one on its own.


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