Sammy the Seal

“Train’s leaving”

In vinyl on Sunday, 8 May, 2011 at 23:56

Song: My Baby
Artist: Asobi Seksu
Album: Fluorescence

Almost two weeks without AS? Weird! Still a couple more to go before I throw the whole album up. I hesitate to use this word, as it can be patronizing and diminutive, but damn it, this song is so cute! I want to hug this song it’s so adorable. Well, it is for the first minute and a half, before the song, fluttering gently down like a feather, suddenly hits the ground galloping, and doesn’t let up. And even then, Yuki’s chirpy, wispy, delicate vocals fight back, determined to lift the song off the ground. The decidedly girly vocals and lyrics are an obvious throwback to 60’s girl groups, which is what makes the mood is all too sweet, but darned if it isn’t fun to hear them battle for supremacy with the modern walls of sound, which has been the band’s bread and butter since the beginning. The angel-in-a-storm sonic routine, but less dramatic and more cute. Very cute. Goofy-smile cute. Huggable cute.

  1. […] Asobi Seksu/Fluorescence Tracks: 1. Coming Up* 2. Trails 3. My Baby 4. Perfectly Crystal* 5. In My Head* 6. Leave the Drummer Out There 7. Sighs 8. Deep Weird Sleep* […]

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