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“They only see the simple things that they wanna see”

In vinyl on Friday, 6 May, 2011 at 18:53

Song: The Swing
Artist: Everclear
Album: Scream 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

So, at work this morning, from absolutely nowhere, I started thinking of the Sugar Ray song on the soundtrack that sounds like Weezer. And then, I thought of this song. Sweet little 90s nugget, isn’t it? In the film, it plays right after Sarah Michelle Gellar gets tossed out of a window, though this song is more memorable for me as a piece of nostalgia for a younger, completely carefree time, than for the movie, which was vastly inferior to the original. (The original movie poster for the original is great too. The first film is actually a significant nostalgic point on my timeline that I’ll try to get to some time.) It’s your basic mid-90s “alternative” rock (remember when these guys were hot?), but  it’s still got some punch to it. I still get out of that predictable yet effective smash at 2:26. (I miss you, 90s.)

Upon researching today, I just learned that the Sugar Ray song that sounds like Weezer, “Rivers”, was indeed written as an homage to Rivers Cuomo and the band. And now the title of the song makes sense, and it all falls into place. I think they did a really good job writing and performing in Weerez style. I thought they were just aping them, I never knew it was homage. Anyway, here it is:

Song: Rivers
Artist: Sugar Ray
Album: Scream 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (evidently, it’s on the “Fly” EP as well)


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