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In music videos, vinyl on Tuesday, 3 May, 2011 at 22:28

Song: One for the Razorbacks
Artist: Green Day
Album: Kerplunk

An oldie but a goodie, it’s been a favorite since I first heard it 16 years ago. I admit I’m still a bit surprised and excited at the nifty-ass solo Billie Joe whips out. Young-punk-love-song or not, this still has an edge to it. And they never grated or whined, unlike many of their descendants would. This is pop-punk, when it’s actually good. I still love the melody, I still love the guitar chugga’s mid-verse, and I like how the lyrics can still remind me of what it’s like to feel a lovesick little fool.

It’s always nice to have a sibling who’s into cooler music than you, which is how I first knew they existed. I still remember seeing my sister’s ticket stub for when they toured behind the album, thinking “who’s that?” They blew up the next year or so. Also, one of her friends had a Kerplunk shirt, which I myself would purchase a few years later. (On second thought, he had the raisin face shirt.) It was just the album cover on white but I always thought it was kinda cool:

kerplunkPlease enjoy this video of them playing the song in England… in 199-fucking-1! Thank you to whoever captured this. I love finding VHS concerts online. Videotape can still be magical.


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