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In music videos, vinyl on Sunday, 1 May, 2011 at 16:39

Song: I Touch Myself
Artist: Divinyls
Album: Divinyls

Some cotton candy on a pretty Sunday? While cooking today, the song shuffle was on in hopes that something would play that I would be compelled to post. And it turned out to be this. Well, life is full of nice surprises, if you just let it be. It’s kinda sweet, if you’re not the chuckle-y, titter-y type. It’s only the chorus, really, and the way she sings it fits with the rest of the song, which, if you listen, is pretty standard pop love song material: idealistic, innocent, longing. The strong/vulnerable vocal approach still works. I’m curious as to what the rest of their catalog sounds like, as they actually recorded four or five albums, this being one of the last. Sigh, such is the plight of an international act prior to the digital age.

Just when you’re looking for “substance”, solid, well-written fluff will sneak up on you. Capitulation.

Strap in for the video re-direct. EMI decrees it. (Edit: it didn’t re-direct. As of this minute, it’s playing on this page. What the hell is going on???? And the song is off-tune. Grumble.)


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