Sammy the Seal

“Promise me this’ll be the last time”

In vinyl on Wednesday, 27 April, 2011 at 22:54

Song: Another Gear Uncaught
Artist: Sarge
Album: Charcoal

The deceptively angelic coo of Elizabeth Elmore: bittersweet goodness. The way she walked the line between tough and vulnerable was often quite affecting. Was this recorded in someone’s bedroom? Quite possibly. But, I’m sure lo-fi would agree, that sometimes a girl and a guitar is plenty sufficient.

Sorry, Elizabeth, that I didn’t come see you solo in 2002 when I had the chance. Dumb-arse boy.

“I cursed the spring that stole my breath
and just a year ago, I nearly burned to death
I try to clear my mind
I try to ignore all the ways this reminds me of the last time

a handful of pills or so
is all that it takes, I know
if you pour me a glass of rum,
I’ll crush this cigarette out before I’m done
bright lights choke me
and who are you to make me bleed?

I’m fragmenting apart, I hate the way that you stare through me

I came to and caught my breath
charcoal on my lips the only memory left
I’m falling down inside from screams raging through my mind
just promise me this’ll be the last time”


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