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Sugar needles

In delicious, funny ha ha on Sunday, 24 April, 2011 at 3:39

It’s late and I’m recovering from tipsy but I better put this up before I forget. Yup, Cibo Matto face time on “House of Style” in 1996. Seeing as their debut album references food constantly, they go around sampling food in NYC. That being said, what’s up with Miho’s hair? : )  If you don’t know, she’s the shorter one, she spells out Cibo Matto and appears to kung fu her dessert later on. Both of them the pinnacle of cuteness. The way Yuka says “in Switzerland” just slays me– darling. They certainly were a special pair.

(For anyone who cares, the songs that play in the background are “Apple”, “Know Your Chicken”, “Theme”, “Birthday Cake”, “Theme” again, “Le Pain Perdu”, “The Candy Man”, and “Le Pain Perdu” again.)


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