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In music videos, vinyl on Friday, 22 April, 2011 at 21:55

Song: Never Listen to Me
Artist: The Thermals
Album: Personal Life

Nice solo dancing, but I wish the video had done more. Hmm… I guess it sort of fits the song, which is rather austere for a rock song, and never overwhelms. Not much pizzazz, save for the short solos and brief moments of crunch and heavy-osity. (Don’t miss the wonderful li’l “ow!” at 0:51.) But, it’s still danceable, as bassist Kathy, et al. demonstrate, due to the simple, but insistent beat, which I personally think is what holds the song together. I think it’d be lost without it. It would be too plaintive.

I have my own idea of what he means in the verse that repeats near the end, but I just wanted to mention it briefly, as I enjoy a good mixed message now and then:

“I’ll give you all that I have
I’ll tell you everything
love me all of my life
never listen to me”

If this doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement, I apologize. But the song itself is not flashy, the tone is certainly muted. And that’s actually what I like. Hutch Harris’ vocals are subdued and more personal, he doesn’t yelp or wail like he’s been known to. It’s stripped down, but not too far, and it never tries to knock your socks off or do too much. As is the case with the dance party and air instrumentals near the end of the video, I arrive at the end of song on a subtly positive note. Air drumming and guitaring your own song is a nice touch, plus, you can never go wrong with a dance party.


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