Sammy the Seal

“For my folks in the drop top”

In vinyl on Tuesday, 19 April, 2011 at 4:23

Song: Wheelz of Steel
Artist: Outkast
Album: ATLiens

Mid-90s, wow. High school and stuff. Nonetheless, Outkast take no shit like, um, stopped-up commodes. “As I sit in my b-boy stance, with flip-flops and socks and sweatpants”– kinda inauspicious description for a classic. What, no “Elevators?” Well, I heard “Wheelz” today and not “Elevators”. I like how these songs simmer, they’re not in-your-face, all swagger, no bite front-a-thons. It’s said the sign of a good actor is you can’t even tell they’re acting. I think the same can be said of MC-ing. I liked their interplay and contrast, they struck a great balance of styles.

Thanks to some swell person, the instrumental track is here for you to enjoy, please. Mmm, good old-fashioned scratching. Good-natured condescension alert: take away the rhymes and leave the beat and instrumentals with most anything out today, and I, uh, guarantee it doesn’t sound remotely as good as this.


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