Sammy the Seal

“My head was feeling scared, but my heart was feeling free”

In vinyl on Sunday, 17 April, 2011 at 19:46

Song: The Happening
Artist: Pixies
Album: Bossanova

What a sweet, gentle line about…. aliens landing on the Vegas Strip. Pixies could be weird, but damned if they weren’t melodic too. If you single out each separate element, they’re all rather simple (e.g. the percussion– nothing to write home about, but I just love it for some reason), but given space to breathe, and arrangement, they create something ethereal and glowing. And, by the last minute or so, when Frank Black’s lilting vocals and the airy ahh’s join forces, the infinte feels warm and strangely comforting. Now that I think about it (duh), the story is in on it too. The way alien arrival plays out here is quite idyllic: first, everyone on the highway u-turns to go meet the visitors, who are guesting a radio show. It’s almost too cute:

“I heard the voices on a broadcast from up on the bird
they were getting interviewed by some Goodman whose name was Bill
I’m almost there to Vegas where they’re puttin’ on a show
they’ve come so far, I’ve lived this long, at least, I must just go and say hello”

Marvelous atmosphere, lovely, lovely melody. The last 1:12 is magical.


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