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In celluloid, funny ha ha on Sunday, 17 April, 2011 at 17:01

Ah, stream of consciousness, the source of so much random joy. While searching for a different Mr. Show that popped into my head out of nowhere a couple days ago, I find these instead. Anyone alive during the 90s should remember the source of this series of sketches, Smuckers’ Goober Grape product, the product that put peanut butter and jelly in the same jar. Not the most daring target for social satire, but astute and scathing nonetheless.

The “how are the sandwiches, kids?” mini-scene at the end is one of my favorite in the show’s run, plus special mention to the contrast of the “before” and “after” scores, e.g. the whistling.

Jay Johnston, Jay Johnston, Jay Johnston. SUCH an asset to the show, he’s probably my favorite second-stringer. There’s just something about him as a person and an actor. On the audio commentary for the episode, Jay explains the arm pumps: “Troy, the director, said, when we were shooting this, that it would be in slow-motion, and so I thought it would be funny to pump my arms really fast so that they would move faster when it was slow. And, uh…. ridiculous.” I’m thinking it was a happy accident, that they were indeed going for the standard action movie cliché, so the actor made a logical choice, but then, it looked so goofy that they changed course and went with the scene exactly as filmed. And they got a classic moment out of it.

(For the record, the poster left out a ‘d’, it’s Mustmayostardayonnaise.) “Sometimes I think I spread my life too thin.” What a fantastic song. It reminds me of the Bob Lamonta sketch (to be seen later), in that, despite its sheer absurdity, there’s actually something a little moving, intended or not. Anyone who knows comedy knows it’s all about subtlety and details, and this show had as sharp an eye as any.


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