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“I can’t see the faces you’re hiding”

In music videos, vinyl on Saturday, 9 April, 2011 at 1:18

Song: Pink Light
Artist: Asobi Seksu
Album: Fluorescence

I’m such a baby. Listening to this song tonight, it made me want to cry. Admittedly, part of it is that this just reminds me of going down to see them in Portland so I could give them more of my money, and having Yuki autograph some vinyl for my cat. As this was the last song on the album, this was the last song at the show, which was hardly a coincidence. I mentioned in the concert review, that after Yuki’s last “ring out” at 3:16, the band held that moment of calm using a few slightly dramatic poses before. So I’m pretty sure they know what they’re doing. Here’s a video of their show in L.A. last month, you’ll see how they hold the moment at 2:35, for about ten seconds. But no posing though : (

I believe I already gushed about this song after having heard it live, and there’s not much to explain if you just listen to the song. A delicate, somber melody, buoyed by subtle yet brawny drums. A perfect coda to an album or a show, or to anything else, for that matter. I just wish it were a little longer. My only other “problem” is that as this album is a sort-of return to the sonics of Citrus, it means that some of the vocals are immersed in noise, leaving me to hum or “la” the melody, when I really want to sing along! These are the lyrics I can decipher, and I feel pretty sure of their accuracy,  though any help or correction is quite welcome. (Note: watching the video again after a few months really helped. Look, I’m almost done. Yay!)

“I was seasick
slightly rise with the tide
dizzy and tossed over, broken, and strained
I set out to give all my poison away

Neon sunrise
this was ____ at the waters
lost all my spine and I hate what I’ve gained
my feet in the marshes, my head’s all undone

Ring out
won’t you ring out?

Seas of pink light
no, I can’t see the faces you’re hiding
under the ____ I ____ through the waves
I shed my last layers and breathe through the wind

Ring out
won’t you ring out?”

This is the good kind of sad.

  1. i keep listening to this song over and over while i am typing an e-mail to my pink light in japan. this is a good end of the day go to sleep song.

    • As an energetic person, the more upbeat songs on any new purchase I hear tend to stick out first, due simply to the immediacy of the energy. Then, patience kicks in, and I start to appreciate the slow burn pieces, like this, “Leave the Drummer Out There”, and “Ocean”, which I’m listening to now but is one of three other favored songs not yet up. It’s pretty and mostly atmospheric, but if you liked “Pink Light”, I think you’d like “Ocean”.

      Or, I could make you a copy sometime.

  2. […] the Drummer Out There 7. Sighs 8. Deep Weird Sleep* 9. Counterglow 10. Ocean 11. Trance Out* 12.  Pink Light * “new”/previously […]

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