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In vinyl, words, words, words on Saturday, 2 April, 2011 at 2:11

Coming soon: streaming audio. I finally researched posting music here. I think I’m going to pony up $20/yr for a space upgrade, which would allow me to upload music to a WordPress-hosted .mp3-player. It’s not expensive, and I’d have 8G of space, which, by my superior math skills, would take me about four years to use, and that’s posting at a rate of a song a day. I know it doesn’t seem worth it with my, um, “readership”, but linking to youtube “videos” (which usually means a still graphic with a song over it) is lazy and tacky. (Let’s class it up!) Joining Soundcloud is a no-go, as the free portion only allows two hours of audio upload, and after that, the cost jumps up over $30/year, for four hours, which is only about 50 songs, plus the redundancy of uploading then embedding back into my blog. (It looks like it’s more for musicians, anyhow.) I could embed others’ music, but, as is the case now, I’d be limited to what other people have uploaded, and I’m tired of searching for stuff when I actually have it myself. I think we’re just used to getting fucking EVERYTHING for free in the digital age. $20. Big whoop. As in life, I don’t like to have to rely on others. I wouldn’t have to worry about if something is deleted on the host site, the music should be up as long as my blog is.

So from this point forward, audio will stream directly from the blog, as opposed to from youtube, unless it’s a song I don’t have. I might even retroactively upload for the past couple of months, it ought’nt take but a couple of hours.

But, seeing as it’s 2am, I’ll do it tomorrow.


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