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“Is she with you?”

In music videos, vinyl on Saturday, 2 April, 2011 at 18:43

Song: The Girl I Can’t Forget
Artist: Fountains of Wayne
Album: Out-Of-State Plates

Thwarted already. As I bought this song off iTunes, it is therefore a protected file, and apparently I can’t convert such a file to .mp3. I don’t want to waste time searching, so Youtube it is again : /  Just this time.

Nonetheless, enjoy one of the most perfect, ebullient pop songs you’ve heard in a while, and  if you know me, I don’t like hyperbole. The Pulp song was just a warmup. FoW are known for their knack with melody and harmony, but it’s just otherworldly here. Special note must be made of the production, which strikes a great balance of all the elements– nothing overdone, no one element overpower-popping the others. Yes, the lyrics get a bit clever, but don’t tell me the way “now that I’m with her” crashes in so dramatically doesn’t warm your heart a little bit for the happy ending, even for a story as slight.

Something this catchy should lose its luster rather quickly, but this one’s been shining the last 3+ years I been pulling it out of the library, bearing a plethora of sing-along and air instrumental opportunities. Feel good. Oh, and by the way, Out-Of-State Plates is a b-sides and rarities album. Yes, this song was a b-side.

“Stacy’s Mom” my ass.


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