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“What are you doing Sunday, baby?”

In music videos, vinyl on Tuesday, 29 March, 2011 at 19:57

Song: Disco 2000
Artist: Pulp
Album: Different Class

(I couldn’t bring myself to remove the Spanish lyrics, but this is here anyway, in case of link death.)

So, this has been stuck in my head the past 24 hours. Gorgeous, a stomping-ass beat, and, oh…. that chorus. One of the most sparkling and unbelievable I’ve heard in a while. Just try to resist it, I double-dog dare you. The themes of dreaming youth and the nostalgia that hibernates aren’t anything new, yet I was affected by the simple story, the naïve uncertainty of lines like “won’t it be strange when we’ll all fully grown?”, the reflection of “I never knew that you’d get married, I would be living down here on my own on that damp and lonely Thursday years ago”, and the ambiguity of intention at the end: “What are you doing Sunday, baby? Would you like to come and meet me, maybe? You can even bring your baby.” To say nothing of those ooh-ooh’s we’re gifted. If you can resist those too, well, you’re made of fucking stone : )

So, the Spanish subtitles. I just wanted a version that had the album mix, as opposed to the official video, below, which uses a 7″ mix, and it’s one of the only I found. (Besides, “Disco 2000” in Spanish!) I kinda like the song without the video. I guess they both share the overall theme of expectation, anticipation, and uncertainty, but the events of the video, cute as they are, work out a bit too nicely. It’s a fun video, but I actually prefer the bittersweet and unrequited longing, juvenile as it may have been, that I get from the song alone. I feel more weight there. Also, everything sounds much bigger and brighter on the album mix, especially the chorus. After all, it’s the chorus that knocks this one out of the park. Won’t you sing along?

[Edit: Special mention must be made of the totally cheesy “Deborah, Deborah!” at the beginning. Yes!]


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