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In music videos, vinyl on Wednesday, 16 March, 2011 at 11:46

Song: Know Your Chicken
Artist: Cibo Matto
Album: Viva! La Woman

(In case the video link dies. Also, this one is uncensored– it’s only “shit” but still!)

Ah, sorry, another re-direct back to youtube. At least I have the song up now. Anyway, it’s time for more cool Japanese girls. If I had known Cibo Matto back in the 90s, I probably wouldn’t have been capable of “getting” it, but it still would have been fun to see this video on MTV. If I were a couple years older and in college by then, maybe. Oh well. Normally I find this stuff weird for weird’s sake, but somehow I got on board, though it took a few listens, before they suddenly just charmed the hell out of me. The first half of the album is wonderfully odd, and “Sugar Water” is still my favorite, having first heard them on Buffy. (I still remember watching the second season premiere about thirteen years ago, when Willow got all giddy that Cibo Matto was at The Bronze– yes, they guested– and I somehow vaguely knew who they were.) But “Chicken” is good too, not to mention they’re adorable as fucking hell in the video. (Ex.: Their introduction/smile take during the opening credits, Miho’s freakout face near the end, and Yuka doing her nails, oblivious to the video shoot going on.) It’s a nice contrast with this smooooooth jam off their not-as-crazy follow-up. It’s interesting to hear “spare the rod, and spoil the chick, before you go and shit a brick” next to something as sweet (though dangerously close to saccharine) as “Moonchild”, where Miho Hatori auditions for her R&B diva membership. It’s all good, yes, it is.

Song: Moonchild
Artist: Cibo Matto
Album: Stereo Type A

  1. […] that’s only existed on record– I still feel lucky to be there. Miho’s vocals on “Moonchild” always get me, and it was lovely to hear it up close and personal. A fun, goofy moment of audience […]

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