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Asobi Seksu @ Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR 3/6/11

In vinyl, You're a kitty! on Monday, 7 March, 2011 at 22:30

So, yes, I did go see them again over the weekend. Even Friday, I had a feeling that after two nights’ sleep, feeling of responsibility and sensibility would take over and I would stay in Sunday night, but in fact the idea of doing something IRresponsible (driving down to Portland for a show on a worknight) is what ended up appealing to me. Well, that and I like the band and wanted to give them more of my money, which I did a lot.

Since I arrived late, I think I missed the first opener, but caught the second, Brahms, who I quite enjoyed. Kind of new wave-y, though I don’t want to pigeonhole them as such, I’m just describing as best I can. The bass player did have awesome 80s hair though, it can’t be a coincidence. It must be said, all involved tonight had it rough, it being a Sunday night show, meaning the crowd was, uh, a bit lacking. Well, I was grooving at least. Thank you, gents.

As for the headliners, well, I’ve probably said enough. I thought people would arrive in time for them, but not really, sadly. At least four of us were visibly enjoying ourselves. (Not even restrained indie head-bobbing was present!) I’m not saying they should be playing stadiums, but they should NOT be playing to less than 35 people. But, the band still brought it. In a coincidence of track 2’s, “Strawberries” (heavier than it seems on record) and “Trails” (with an infectious, galloping rhythm I knew would translate well live) shook me up good again. And for a song that required patience at almost seven minutes, I sure have listened to “Leave the Drummer Out There” a lot in the last two or so days. Yuki’s vocal performance really sold it for me. The set list was mostly the same, just re-ordered, except they traded out “My Baby” for “Pink Light”, which was the last song, which was AWESOME. I did have hopes for that one, as evidenced by my meek but giddy applause when it was announced. Graceful, elegiac, and delicate, yet muscular (even more so live, of course). It’s my favorite of their closing tracks, such a lovely, perfect coda. At the last spell of calm in the song, the band held on to it a moment to milk it, holding melodramatic poses even, before laying down the final flurry of noise that finishes the track. A bit corny, but I just loved it! I even mimicked their poses to help sell the “drama” of the moment. The live performance adds so much to the songs, they sound even better live, a fact that I sorta had to reassure Yuki of after the show. She sounded relieved, like she was secretly afraid of the opposite, ha ha.

So I got to say hi again, hung around and chatted a bit more due to my purchasing indecision, and got her to autograph for my cat, which I knew she’d be into : ) Funny, and sweet, that, minutes after each show, I turned around to find her already stationed by the merchandise, ready with marker in hand, like the singer of an opening band who hasn’t toured too much. Except they’ve been at it at least eight years. How wonderfully unassuming of her. Aw, such devotion.

the perfect gift

I know you didn't have a choice, feline lovers' solidarity and all, but thank you, Yuki, for indulging me anyway : )

feline AS fan

As a fan, she too thanks you, and wishes she could have come see you. "Meow, please VIP me next time!"

Tired as hell today, but, for the the price of giving them money they deserve, saying hi to Yuki again, cat autograph, and “Pink Light”, yeah, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks again, noble band. Your efforts are sincerely, greatly appreciated.

And so concludes The Week of Worship : P

Oh, and for completists:
Coming Up
Pink Cloud Tracing Paper
New Years
Risky and Pretty
In the Sky
Leave the Drummer Out There
Perfectly Crystal
Me and Mary
Pink Light
Trance Out
Never Understand [JAMC cover]

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