Sammy the Seal

Asobi Seksu @ Chop Suey, Seattle, March 4, 2011

In vinyl on Saturday, 5 March, 2011 at 5:39

Since it would take me forever to gush about the show and I really want to get to bed, I’ll leave the set list for now, which is a shocker that I actually got one. I usually don’t care much about set lists or autographs, but since TWO lists sat onstage unclaimed and Yuki was at the merch table (more about those two facts later), and duh, I really like the band, why not say hi instead of wuss out and go home? I started to get a little geeky, but she couldn’t have been sweeter, very down-to-earth, and, as you see below, she even drew me a ghost 🙂

set list asobi seksu chop suey 3/4

My new prized possession, complete with love, hugs, and kisses.

To translate (encore added below):
Coming Up
My Baby
New Years
Risky and Pretty (0:45 instrumental interlude not on the list)
In the Sky
Perfectly Crystal
Leave the Drummer Out There (“epic” = it’s a 6+ minute song… cute)
Me and Mary
Pink Cloud Tracing Paper

Trance Out
Never Understand [Jesus and Mary Chain cover]- I think that’s what it was, unless it’s some unreleased track of theirs


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