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In vinyl on Thursday, 3 March, 2011 at 21:17

Song: Umi de no jisatsu
Artist: Asobi Seksu
Album: Asobi Seksu

Song: Stay
Artist: Asobi Seksu
Album: Asobi Seksu

More, in honor of the show Friday. I’m a bit lucky that mere months after I discovered the band in full, they have a new album to tour behind (contrast Handsome Furs who I just missed a couple years back, boo hoo), though I learned they did the acoustic tour last year and played The Triple Door in January. Would’ve been cool to see. (Thanks to my co-worker Jason for getting me amped about the show at work today. He’s not even going, and he was all “I think it’s gonna be a great show” even though I only mentioned it a few times. I just don’t want to get too overhyped. But I am indeed excited again!) That being said, if I only got to see one, I’d want to see an electric show.

Anyway, even though I prefer the other albums, I don’t give their self-titled debut enough love. “Umi” has a raw, unpolished sound that I find charming (Yuki was still working on her vocals, obviously 🙂 To see how far she’s come, compare it to the absolutely lovely, uplifting, might-be-my-favorite-song-on-the-album “Sing Tomorrow’s Praise” off of Hush that sadly no one has posted on youtube. Maybe I should make my own just to post it here. Watch for it! Ha ha.) To contrast, there is the more accessible, but nonetheless lovely “Stay”. (I could’ve gone with “It’s Too Late”, a sprawling, fuzzed-out mess, but went with sweeter. Whatever, most all their songs will get their own post someday, I just know it.) Vocals are on the breathy, confessional side, but it’s okay to like purty things sometimes.

I hope they play at least a couple from their debut. Raw as it is, it has some good songs there that’d rock live, I hope they don’t ignore it. Uh oh, I’m starting to get my hopes up for “Umi”…

  1. […] love the way this song washes over everything. I think I even prefer this to “Stay”, as far as their early slow jams go. The quiet-loud dynamic is nothing special, especially for a […]

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