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“Making believe is all I can do”

In music videos, vinyl on Monday, 7 February, 2011 at 22:03

Song: Making Believe (cover)
Artist: Social Distortion
Album: Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell

No disrespect to the original (Kitty Wells? Dolly Parton?) but good lord there is so much life in this version. Hey, plaintive is good once in a while, but when you add musical oomph and Mike Ness’ vocals, the passion and anguish (and drama) blows up to bigger-than-life size. It’s just as heartfelt if not more. And it’s also a fucking blast to sing along to. (Air guitar solo, anyone?) I LOVE their version.
Just for fun, below is some fabulous person’s video of SD at CBGB in 1992. CB fucking GB! 1992! Vocal quality isn’t that great, but I think it’s great little piece of recorded history. Time just keeps going….

  1. […] linked to a video from the CBGB show in 1992 before. I always like to see old stuff, even though the vocals are hard to hear. The rest of the sound […]

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