Sammy the Seal

“Call me subwoofer”

In music videos, vinyl on Saturday, 5 February, 2011 at 22:30

Song: Grindin’
Artist: Clipse
Album: Lord Willin’

Ugh, tired of posting pretty, sensitive, subtle songs. Really, I’m usually more open-minded and upbeat. For some reason, this song popped into my head a few nights ago, and I remember being impressed with it back in 2002, when I knew even less of rap and hip-hop than now. Unforgettable beat. Verses and flow so good they nearly forgive the subject matter (for me, anyway). For four minutes, they’re rhyming about moving weight and I couldn’t care less (not that it’s our place to judge, anyway). That’s charisma. Sample the last verse below. Tell me his delivery isn’t hypnotic.

“I move ‘caine like a cripple/balance weight through the hood/kids call me Mr. Sniffles/other hand on my nickel-plated whistle/one eye closed I’ll hit you/as if I was Slick Rick/my aim is still an issue/lose your soul in whichever palm I’m holdin’/one’ll leave you frozen, the other noddin’ and dozin'”

Even if you don’t listen to anything like this, you gotta respect the writing. It’s airtight.


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