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Facing the facts

In experience on Wednesday, 2 February, 2011 at 2:14

I still can’t decide what I think about texting. For communicating brief, vital pieces of information, it is quite useful. Even a hello and a no-longer-than-10-texts-total conversation is okay. What’s scary to me is that it takes the place of real conversation more than it should. And it’s the home of passive-aggressive behavior. (I once had a friend who would text me back and forth for a half hour straight, with immediate responses, and I would get sick of typing, and call her up, as it would be more efficient. She almost never picked up.) I’m old-fashioned, I suppose. Sure technology has done an amazing job at bringing us closer, but nothing will replace the intimacy (and efficiency) of sharing real time with someone, in voice, or in person. Hell, if I could, I’d write more snail mail, even.

Perhaps I am stubborn and too idealistic (and selfish), but what I will never accept is the inability to reply in a timely manner (“reply” being key), especially when communication in this day and age is terribly easy, and yet we’re still capable of incredible laziness when it comes to personal relationships. An email or text message that says “I’ll get back to you this weekend” or some such, takes a whopping 20 seconds. I’m an adult, I know we all have lives, we all have to take care of ourselves, but you will never convince me that any one person’s life is more important or valid than another’s. Unless they’re playing aloof. Or afraid. Or they’re lying. Or messing with you. Or legitimately busy.

Which brings me to the fact that this is all meaningless (sorry for wasting your time, there), because with any person, in any situation, including communication, I try to remind myself more quickly each time of the following, which will always hold true for everyone: if you want to do something, you will. And the converse holds true, too. Reasons, excuses, theories, and analysis are useless, and, consciously or subconsciously, distract you from the facts. Be patient, but don’t wait for people to surprise you, because most of the time, they won’t. And I don’t at all say that cynically, I say that sensibly and statistically.

Of course, I still secretly hope to be surprised, so I’m no better off. However, I’m pretty sure I will.


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