Sammy the Seal

“You’ve waited for something, you’ve waited in vain ’cause there’s nothing for you”

In vinyl on Wednesday, 2 February, 2011 at 1:17

Songs: Empathy, Suffocation
Artist: Crystal Castles
Album: Crystal Castles (II)
(Both are embedded, use the forward and back buttons on the player as needed!)

These two are roughly the midpoint/heart of the album. Taken separately they’re great (“Suffocation” is easily the best on the album), but together, they’re unstoppable. Watch me listen to these two back-to-back to get an idea of this. The sneakily infectious beat of “Empathy” hijacks every muscle above my waist. Like stuttering with your body. Normally the dynamics of a dance song are not noteworthy, and in the case of “Suffocation”, it’s not all that new. But I’ll be damned if it isn’t effective. The verses do their part, though they’re in total service of the refrain. First it hits (it leads off the song, actually), but not until mid-refrain do you get the crescendo. It builds gradually, then once Alice is done singing, it spikes and the synths start screaming. And then it spikes again, and I am sent into a frenzy. Then they drop the bottom out, and leave you falling for the last fifty seconds. You only get two verses, so enjoy those spikes!


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