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In music videos, vinyl on Monday, 31 January, 2011 at 21:09

Song: New Years
Artist: Asobi Seksu
Album: Citrus (the original version), Rewolf (the acoustic re-working)
(Both are embedded, use the forward and back buttons on the player as needed!)

First, the original fuzzed-out, reverbed, feedback, rocking, toe-tapping, head-bobbing version. It doesn’t dethrone “Thursday” for song of the album (though it tries its best to stoke my doubts) but it does barely beat out “Strings” for second-best. The drum fills that occupy the one second in between verse and chorus excite me every single time. Guaranteed to brighten at least three minutes of your day.

As far as the unplugged version, I never thought an acoustic version could compare to the original, but here’s to surprises. It peels away the muscular, ferocious, and noise to reveal something quite gentle and soulful. Whether you’re amped or mellowing out, there’s always a place for “New Years”. I actually like Yuki’s vocal performance here better than the studio recording. Having read interviews, and hearing her speak here, she sounds so wonderfully understated and, well, normal! Genuinely unassuming and darling. Plus, a feline anecdote will get you everywhere with me 🙂

The new album drops in a couple of weeks, more Asobi Seksu posts should be forthcoming. Blame the torrid love affair that began in October.


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