Sammy the Seal


In experience, words, words, words on Monday, 31 January, 2011 at 1:59

Say and do for yourself, people will see what they want to see anyway. Don’t apologize for words, gestures, or actions, no matter how they may appear to others. We all have the right to what’s in our own head, but the moment you criticize anyone for anything, you’re fair game, so be careful what you say. Don’t judge someone before you actually know them, unless you’re ready to be deconstructed yourself. Be comfortable with expressing yourself, but if you ever have a bombshell to unload, sleep on it a couple of times before dropping it. If you’re going to demand something of another person, be damn sure you have it yourself. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Only give people as much credit as they’ve earned. Don’t be afraid to give a little at first, but make sure the other has shown they are capable of giving back before giving more. Otherwise, you’re operating at a net loss. If you want someone to think of you, show you think of them first– ideally, without being prompted. To be thought of for no reason is a wonderful, humbling thing. Assess a person’s heart first when choosing who to associate with, rather than tastes, appearance, or opinion. Don’t write people off, and be open to change, but accept people for who they are and what they do, not what you’d want or hope they are. Don’t wait, people will change if they want to. A million times, actions speak louder than words. Don’t expect a thing, let people surprise you, and appreciate it when they do, it doesn’t happen every day. Reliability may not be a sexy concept, but when you find someone, friend or lover, who has proven that they can think of you before themselves, don’t even need a reason to think of you, and genuinely have your best interests at heart, hold on to them for dear life. Life is rough, counting on yourself is hard enough, it’s a blessing to find some help. Stop to appreciate what and who you have, don’t be too selfish or demanding, because you could just as well not have it all. After all, nothing says we have to care for each other. Compassion is not a rule or right, it is a choice, which is what makes it such a singular, splendid thing. Don’t question or try to understand, just savor.


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