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“I hope they bring my body back”

In music videos, vinyl on Sunday, 30 January, 2011 at 19:04

(If the video link is ever dead, at least the song is here.)

Song: Yulia
Artist: Wolf Parade
Album: Expo 86

Had no idea the lyrics were so linear (the video is quite faithful to the story of the song). It always felt sad, now it’s even sadder. In lesser hands this could be quite maudlin, but I’m always in awe of Dan’s ability to turn the seemingly trite into the earth-shaking (see “This Heart’s On Fire”). Would be neat to see this song in concert and see/hear him belt out “there’s nothing out here.” Oh well. It’s still ferocious.

  1. […] matter and video are heartbreaking, but if there’s a way to do depression as catharsis, this is it. LikeBe the first to like this post.▶ No Responses /* 0) { jQuery('#comments').show('', […]

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  3. […] album. It actually feels like Dan’s album. It’s tighter, and I do prefer his style (“Yulia”!), but I miss more the ostensibly unwieldy yet perfectly balanced melding of sensibilities. Even if […]

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