Sammy the Seal


In delicious on Saturday, 17 April, 2010 at 6:20

Did I write about a sandwich before? I hope not. (Like anyone will notice, ha ha.)

Suggestions for a delicious PBJ:

– any kind of Bonne Maman preserves

– Adams creamy peanut butter, we all know crunchy tears up the bread, which is why you want to use…

– any kind of nutty bread, this way you get the crunchy, and smooth spreading. I’ve tried Franz brand Western Hazelnut, was pleased, same as Safeway Select Nut and Grain, which has likely been discontinued, boo hoo, as I haven’t seen any SS breads in a while. Bread to be toasted, of course.

Tall glass of cold milk mandatory, as some sort of tasty beverage is needed to wash this down. Sam Jackson recommends it.


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