Sammy the Seal

Ten months

In Uncategorized on Saturday, 17 April, 2010 at 6:15

Wow, that’s a long time. It’s not necessarily laziness, not writing has sort of been a conscious choice. Not that my posts were so unbearably overwrought, but I just wanted to get out of my head, or not enable the thoughts in it. After all, the subtitle of the blog is “fulfilling a selfish void” and I wanted to not get trapped in my own head. The purpose from the beginning was just to get in the habit of writing, I never wanted to blog full-time. Blogging by nature is self-indulgent, and for me, well, recipe for chaos, you know. I mean, everyone and their mom wants to be a “writer”, whatever that entails. Seeing as how I originally studied drama because of film, I figure “storyteller” was a better term than “writer”, in terms of aspiration. Stories require a whole world, informed by the author as it is, but being on here, I was afraid I’d just devolve into some sort of solipsism.

However, I like to think that that’s changing. Learning in my personal life to not care about shit so much, or at all, I think I can be a little less abstract, or at the very least, introspective, maybe even verbose. (Well, I can dream.) But you never know. Ten months, hey.


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