Sammy the Seal

“Play quietly…”

In vinyl on Saturday, 17 April, 2010 at 6:17

Song: Monday
Artist: The Living End
Album: The Living End

Ah, the miracle of song shuffle. I swear I hadn’t listened to The Living End’s self-titled debut in ages (I think it even came out in ’99 or so) and I’m pleased to say I enjoy it as much now as then. Most of the time, music that’s very immediate and energetic doesn’t have staying power in one’s (ideally) growing, expanding tastes (and waning energy levels) as one gets older, and I thought it’d be true for me, but I was rocking along to this album tonight while working out. Granted, I won’t listen to it every day, and it’ll soon take a backseat to other music, but it was nice to find that something that moved me almost ten years ago can have the same effect now. Then again, I also didn’t imagine I’d have as much energy in my 30s as in my 20s, which is why I eventually adopted a line of Alvy Singer’s as my motto, that “I’m gonna get better as I get older.”

Lots of quality songs, but track #6 was my song of choice on the record, it’s a no-brainer as the one to post . It crystallizes the punk and rockabilly flavors on the rest of the record into one rockin’ little tune. The solo herein is one of the most rollicking you’ve ever heard. This song is exuberant.


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