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In celluloid, words, words, words on Tuesday, 23 June, 2009 at 7:01

A piggyback to the last post. These last few are all in the same vein. Sorry, life has come into clear focus the last few weeks, when I first saw High Fidelity as an adult: that is, a non-20-year-old, ha ha. Just now, I remembered the harsh light it first shed on me those few weeks ago. I was vague and obfuscating a bit in the last post, as always, and these help explain it better, more poetically, and more succinctly. Fitting, since they were the catalyst for this short run of posts.

Clip #1: remember the setup for this scene, as it is his words at the very end this clip that are at the core of what I was getting at the other day

Clip #2: within a minute or so of the scene in the first clip comes the scene in second clip, which explains in more detail the last line of clip #1. I alluded to this scene before, here it is in its entirety. My favorite scene, and for me, the heart of the film.

Subtract the relationship angle and this is the overall point I was trying to make. (It’s not totally immaterial, I’d love to even have the opportunity to commit to someone.) See, this is what I should be doing! Even if I’m using music or movie clips, using art to articulate instead of blogs and words. (Ideally, it would be my own art doing the articulating, but someday.)

  1. I just did the most asshole thing ever and tagged you before I’ve had a chance to read your most recent blog posts. You still love me though, right? Right? Bueller?

    Visit my blog after 11:00 this morning. And I am really looking forward to catching up on your blog today. You’re talking about High Fidelity, yay!

  2. I know what you’re saying.

    You know, even the making of a film provides a fairly accurate analogy of this typical situation. If the film maker doesn’t commit to the theme, doesn’t give each character the focus and attention they deserve, plants but does not pay off, and spends more time worrying about what might be happening being the lens’ perimeter, s/he is going to end up with one shallow, unsatisfying, hot mess of a story nobody wants to sit through. OK so I wasn’t as eloquent or detailed as I could have been, but you get where I was going I hope. I have a feeling you do get it and that’s one of the things that I love about you. lol

  3. what might be happening OUTSIDE the lens’ perimeter, I meant.

    I hate how you can’t edit comments. Yes, I proofread but somehow it slipped by me.

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