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In music videos, vinyl on Thursday, 2 April, 2009 at 22:52

It’s 15 years too late, but I’d still like to fill that position, Kim. It’s funny how this song wasn’t even in my life and it fills me with warm, fuzzy 90s nostalgia. The only thing I remember is that one of my sisters had Last Splash. She and her friends were much hipper than I, so before I got into music, they were the reason I was remotely familiar with The Cure, indie-label Green Day, Toad the Wet Sprocket, The Smiths, Davíd Garza, or Operation Ivy. However, the Breeders is the exception in that I remember her having them, but it wasn’t until I started listening to Pixies (which I only have been the last couple of years, and only then because a crush of mine gave me “Gigantic” on a mix CD) that I became familiar with Ms. Deal, and only last year that I started listening to the Breeders. This is such a sweet song, whether or not you know what it’s about, that I can’t see how this wouldn’t make someone happy, or at least smitten. Hey, the same as girls can swoon over guys with instruments, I can swoon over Kim. (Girl, every time you say “bang, bang” and look in my eyes, I’m all yours.)

This is the same song, but a live performance that I just had to include because of the good sound quality, and because they’re all so adorable and seem to be genuinely having fun (excepting the bass player).

Finally, the alternate music video, featuring lots of Flying Nun Kim (there were glimpses in the official version). Looking at her when she’s in the white nun outfit well aware of how goofy this is just warms my heart.


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