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Lost little kid

In Uncategorized on Friday, 20 March, 2009 at 19:38

An interesting little email exchange that got me a little choked up today.

Sam: “I had a strange question, but the whole umbilical cord story at my birth, is that true? How about my memorizing of license plates? I always accepted them, but then realized maybe you or mom were just propagating some myth about me… I hate to sound so cynical or revisionist, but in recent years mom has come up with some weird stuff about me…”

Pops: “yes, the story of the umbilical cord is true. i was there for the whole thing. it was an experience to remember. the memorizing license plates was one of my favorite memories of you as a small child. you were so amazing as a small child. there was no reason to exaggerate. there are a lot of other stories about you just as interesting. i don’t know if i’ve ever really sat down with and told you all i remember about you when you were small. it makes for some interesting stories.”
What ever happened to that boy? Somewhere in here still, I hope.

  1. Hi Sam.

    I would be interested in hearing the umbilical story if you feel inclined to write it.

    It is interesting you wrote this dialogue between you and your dad… I just wrote a paper for school that discussed personal memory versus family mythology in relation to my childhood. Impactful what turns out to be true.

    Hope you are well.


    • It’s nothing terribly special, just how my umbilical cord got wrapped around my neck at birth, and they couldn’t get it untangled, so I started to turn blue, of course. Finally they were able to snip it off. I’ve always joked that that oxygen deprivation is what made me the way I am, at first, self-effacingly, now I’m grateful for it. Who knows who I might have become?

      You just wrote something on it? Incredible. I’m not saying it matters if it turned out to be untrue, I am who I am now, but a lot of those little stories about Sam the nerd are what got me to Keystone, indirectly.

      This is also partially a call back to one of my more recent whiny posts about how people like to stigmatize ourselves or our group as being quirky or different. I despise self-pity, but I was mostly having a sort-of moment of self-doubt. If I was allegedly an amazing child, I like to think that magic is not completely gone.

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