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Litter and it will hurt

In Uncategorized on Saturday, 22 November, 2008 at 1:53

That’s Washington for you. No “please don’t litter” “keep (your state here) clean” or “don’t mess with Texas”– it’s downright draconian here, they don’t fuck around. I remember this the first time living here, on the way to Mt. Rainier. That, and some nearby by graffiti- “Lou Ann was here… bitch.” (I think Lou Ann was supposed to be the bitch.)

Actually there’s not much to tell. It wasn’t a road trip, it was a move. Drive, gas up, drive, gas up, drive, sleep. Repeat three times. Sleep in a motel ten nights in a row (cha-ching!). I can’t really remember one thing of note we saw, it was a strictly economical trip. I mean, if we wanted to see some sights, would we have driven through Wyoming? Sorry million people, or however many, I just don’t like your state. Ho hum. It’s smaller than Texas, and we drove beeline, end to end, and yet it took up most of the drive for a day. And with our truck, we couldn’t drive more than 60, what with the strong winds and all. And a lot of little things went wrong there. In its favor, though, the sky is beautiful, so those references to “big sky” (I’m thinking of the Big Sky athletic conference, actually). The scenery was pretty bland most of the way up, and honestly, that was probably the most impressive sight of all. So the state is good for something, I guess.

Texas to Colorado was easily the best part of the drive. Sure, we were still in TX when it was dark, but it was only about 3 hours the rest of the way. As we progressed, I couldn’t help but think how nice it would be without a moving truck and three kitty carriers taking up space. You can visit at your leisure and still get there quickly. What with this new debt, that shouldn’t be a possibility for a while. Not knowing if you have work or a permanent place to live will also keep you from enjoying a trip. That, and two vehicles with three people mean someone is always alone.

I told you it wasn’t an interesting trip. The only other interesting thing was trying to sneak three cats in and out of hotels six different times. But out of the three kitties, mine was easily the most well behaved. Never used the bathroom in her carrier, rarely yowled (even when the others did), just slept, or lay back peacefully, staring back at me with a look of, “cry-babies. I can’t believe I’m next to these jokers.” Yup, she’s the best.


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