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In funny ha ha, words, words, words on Friday, 26 September, 2008 at 2:11

First we get serious, then we get silly. These are all from Chris Rock’s Bring the Pain special from 1996. This one is essentially an audio clip, slightly edited, but obviously relevant today (the edited part being how people say they would vote for him, but not really— again, relevant today, and hopefully, he’s wrong.)

Another hot button bit, but regardless of your race, you have marvel to at how he mixes intelligence, annoyance, disgust, and disdain into one hilarious package. (Plus, those four things are near and dear to my heart. Because, as George Carlin said in his Olbermann interview, one of his last, cute, clever irony is useless— the only way to take care of business is to smash it head on.)

And finally, sexual politics, ah ha. The platonic male friend, I know a lil’ something about that situation, ha ha. Though this bit does provide me some hope.


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