Sammy the Seal

The fun of rap, without all that rap

In funny ha ha on Sunday, 14 September, 2008 at 23:13

Just give me that big, booming bass
In your face, that booming bass!
Give me that stupid, phat rhyme
Every time, describe a crime!

I’m going on a drive-by, just me posse and me
I’m a gangster of the old school, you can call me O.G.

I’m in a gang of one
Stuck in this chair,  I can’t have much fun
But with a mic and a beat,
I could get out of this seat
And then oh, what rap music can be!
I could rap about this, I could rap about that…

I’m an old gold tooth, and I’ll tell you the truth
I live in the mouth of a homie!
Let’s take it south…


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