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I guess I’m not ready to go back to “The Wire” yet

In celluloid, words, words, words on Friday, 13 June, 2008 at 5:55

Definitely need to watch something happy and trifling. I was going to re-watch the entire series of The Wire once the fifth season was released on home video, but maybe that’ll wait, regardless of how long it is (the series only ended three months ago). Because many of the same people were involved in it, I decided to rent the similarly-themed miniseries “The Corner”, perhaps to get my torturous reality fix. Well, the good news is, it’s not as harsh as The Wire, but it’s still an emotional drain. That’s probably why it took me about a week to watch it. I’m not saying these productions changed my life monumentally, but I think my point of view has been permanently been broadened, when it comes to how I view other people. Not that I’ll never know that reality, but to see one as it most likely is (since the stories are based on what real people witnessed), is incredibly jarring. Even stupid little stuff has made its way into my life, and don’t think I think I’m hood and all that, because I know I ain’t, but I’ve been listening to more hip-hop/rap, comparatively, since then, not including that hip-pop pop rap radio r&b— “rap and bullshit”, as De La and the RZA will tell you— designed to make non-black people feel all cute and hip-hop. It is possible to make music that bumps without making it brainless. You have no idea how shitty and inane that music is until you see it not danced to, but KAROAKED. I had the misfortune of witnessing it recently, the longest 15 minutes of my life. People doing karaoke with club tracks. It’s stupid, not to mention unbelievably crass. (To counterpoint, listen to the album Liquid Swords: an indisputable display of rap as art. Hmm, I should have devoted a post to it, instead of sneaking it in here.) That’s why bigoted middle-class (white) people make statements about all rap sounding the same and being so annoying, unfortunately (which is true for all genres of music, btw– most singer-songwriter or headbanging angsty aggro shit sounds the same, it’s just people talking about their feelings, albeit in diametrically opposed manners). Hell, if I had a mic, I’d make a song right now about shaking your ass, or about women wanting me, or wanting to get their clothes off, or anything stunted and sexual. (Don’t get me started about people dancing, either. Simulating sex is not dancing. I wish I knew some real moves myself, I’m just a goof instead.) But anyway, that pretentious rant aside, and I’ve been stealing bits of slang and lingo from the shows, pretending I was from Baltimore or something. Pathetic, most def (ha ha). That aside, if either of these shows don’t make you a more tolerant, thoughtful person, you must be insensitive or some kinda narrow-minded fool, yo!

Don’t think I’m a poseur or being something I’m not, like it’s my new identity, I certainly don’t identify or feel that. I am who I always have been, just looking at a different perspective. We all need one, now and again. Besides, all the hip youth culture and indie music gets tired after a while, doesn’t it? How to do it without being a downer though…

Maybe I’ll catch up on some superhero movies.


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