Sammy the Seal

“Most of your daddy is in the belly of a dog”

In funny ha ha on Thursday, 29 May, 2008 at 4:44

To combat the seriousness of the Say Anything post, I’m trying, though in vain, to get some Strangers With Candy footage on here. On the way home from work, I had a bout of random thoughts, and became struck with eagerness to get home and share with you some SWC. But oh pooh. In the meantime, try to locate some yourself. I recommend the second season episode “The Goodbye Guy” (for Janeane Garofalo fans), or the third season episode “Is My Daddy Crazy?” (for David Cross fans). Or the whole series, for Stephen Colbert fans.

So un-pc, so crass, so….inappropriate! (A nod to Clive Clemens.) But oh, so well-crafted, so genius, so utterly hysterical.


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