Sammy the Seal

Some static started in the pool hall…

In Uncategorized on Saturday, 24 May, 2008 at 4:04

Perfect example of what I mentioned about last post. Tonight I was absolutely beat, but upon leaving work, I was energized about going out with my friends. Fun was had, etc. (my girls are always good for that) but the place closed about 2, and I didn’t want to go home but we all went our separate ways. Makes me wish they were in New York with me, 2 a.m. is nothing! (Hmm, birthday idea…) Others were tired, or had things in the morning I think, etc. But still, doing something or nothing is so much better when you have your peeps with you!

(Now I know how mon amie Liz feels when she says she wants to stay out longer and not go home yet. Let me know next time, I don’t want to be home yet either.)


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