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In words, words, words on Tuesday, 20 May, 2008 at 3:42

First off, a very belated, but sincere thanks to my awesome journalist friend Stephanie who suggested, ages ago, that I start a blog if nothing else to get me in the habit of writing. Belated as in, I was months from leaving Seattle, autumn 2005, and Stephanita was still in school. And here I am now, 2.5 years later. (Sorry, girl, at least I finally started.) Not to sound too touchy-feely, but she qualifies as inspiration for this thing here, most def. I admitted this to her, but I feel bad, because it was great advice, coming from someone who, like myself, is a writer, and I just took my time. Honestly, like I let her down. Or at least disrespected her.

I guess it only makes sense to write during times of flux, as these next few months will prove to be. After all, what can you possibly write about when nothing but work is going on? I won’t go in to the issues now, there’s plenty of time, and I don’t want to give away the farm. And it’s late and I don’t want to stay up forever. Let’s just say it involves where I will be living, here in San Antonio, or back in Seattle, e.g. School, work, how these figure in? This requires its own post, certainly not this maiden post.

My kitty cat finally left. It’s hard to focus when you have a furry belly to rub and neck to scratch, all within arm’s reach. I’m not morbid, but when I’m enjoying something things are going great, my perspective reminds me of the eschatology of it all (to borrow a word from Strangers With Candy, thank you Mr. Colbert)– roughly translated in the show as the study of the end of things– and how one day this little gray soft, striped mass of lovin’, so abundant of energy and life, will someday be an empty husk. I suppose it’s a way of reminding myself that you’d damn well better appreciate everything you have while you have it, and on its/their own terms. But, she’s not even a year old, and it’s so amazing how much life has coursed through her. The good news is she’s got another dozen years of love left in her. I can only hope someone can say the same for me one day, and she’s only a cat! It’s been said she reflects many of my own traits, which is actually quite true, and I hope this is one that holds.

I was going to write what I’m watching or listening to, but I’ll make separate posts for those. Please forgive me as I wrangle with this. The content and design will leave something to be desired until I have a better grasp on how to use this. Or, it may very well end up like my myspace page– scarcely updated, bare-bones design. Not to sound like an old person, but who has the time and/or interest to zealously update and design their pages? Not me, said the little brown man. Think of me less as an old codger, and more of an implicit proponent of substance over style.



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